Business conferences can be hugely impactful on company production levels and even determine an organisation's future success if planned properly. However, they can so easily fall into the ‘time waster' category of meetings where no concrete work is achieved and very little is gained if you don't get every aspect just right.


One of the major contributing factors to the success or failure of a conference is the conference venue. It's vital that you select the right location to create the perfect atmosphere for your delegates, which is why a small, intimate conference venue is always a great choice.

1. Enhanced dialogue and discussion

The smaller conference venue means delegates can engage readily on issues in a productive manner. Where vast, expansive conference halls are suited to guest talks and lectures, many delegates who fear addressing large crowds might shy away from sharing valuable insights with the rest of the conference attendees in such intimidating surroundings.

2. Increased privacy

The subject matter of conferences often involves sensitive topics which aren't always open for public discussion. By hosting your conference at a smaller venue, there is increased security, meaning unwelcome outsiders will not be permitted to enter.

3. On-site accommodation

Many smaller conference venues are usually connected to boutique hotels or countryside establishments that have accommodation availability. This is suited to intimate conferences that will be taking place over more than one day. Delegates won't have to travel long distances and can even have a power nap after lunch.

4. Improved networking opportunities

Smaller venues provide a more inviting platform for delegate engagement as well as enhancing networking opportunities such as one-on-one or intimate discussions in between the official conference programme. The inclusion of teambuilding activities and more relaxed social interaction further encourages such networking.

5. Personalised service

Conference venues that cater to smaller groups tend to provide much more personalised service, offering a greater sense of connection between guests and staff. This makes for a much more enjoyable experience for all, further increasing the chances of conference success.

6. Tailor-made packages

Where bigger conference venues might offer a ‘one-size-fits-all' approach, smaller conference venues will cater to more individual needs, providing tailor-made packages. This means that the small, but important aspects of a conference will be addressed as flexibility is an option.

7. Budget friendly

If the budget is tight, smaller conferences are a more realistic option permitting only those that really must attend. Intimate venues can generally adapt their services to cater to differing budgets, making for a more cost-effective option.

Selecting a smaller conference venue minimises the overall hassle that accompanies such event organisation, making the conference more worthwhile for the delegates. With personalised service and increased networking opportunities, intimate conference venues are definitely a winning option.

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